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"Special Children with Special Needs"
Sr. Agata (supervisor of the nursing home in Brzozow) writes: " The visit in Krakow was very important and happy for us. It was our first meeting, but so familiar that it would seem like we have known each other for a long time. In spite of the children's effort connected to their disability, they were very happy and not too tired at all. For them, each meeting with another person is always a great joy - they need such meetings. As a result, for us adults, these are the most beautiful moments - to see such happiness on their faces. They always feel sincerity and need HEART. Why? it is a mystery for us. They can read and see deeper, they surprise us with their wisdom. After coming back from Krakow, they shared their experience with everybody.

On behalf of all the children, Sisters and staff, thank you for such great financial help. We express our gratitude by all our prayers for all our benefactors and friends. We will report on what we will manage to do.
“The Journey of Our Dreams”

Due to the generosity of the many supporters of the “Special Children with Special needs” humanitarian appeal, 20 children with disabilities from Brzozow, Poland were able to travel to Rome, Italy, with their caregivers, on “the Journey of Our Dreams”. Christine Jozwiak, charitable fundraising chairperson of the Polish Heritage Festival stated, “This has been the biggest challenge yet! The thanks goes to all who responded with donations that made this dream possible.”

The following (condensed) letter of gratitude was sent by Sr. Agata, director of the nursing home for children:

“Dear Friends and Benefactors,

It is because of all the people who helped us achieve our “Journey of Our Dreams”, that I send this letter from the children, Sisters and caregivers. Because of your generosity, concern and love, 20 children from our home were cleared by their physicians to travel to Rome, Italy. It began as a dream, one we dared not to even think about. But we all prayed every day. There were screams of joy when I told the children that I received an email from you saying we would be able to plan this pilgrimage!

We had a specially equipped bus with a chair-lift to accommodate the needs of our children. We had a very special tour guide who gave us much information about the places we visited, and most importantly, treated the children like children without disabilities.

The meeting with Pope Francis was a great experience for us! He made a special effort to stop and talk to us!

The most touching moment for us was the opportunity to touch and pray at the tomb of our Pope John II. It was the same feeling with Padre Pio.

From the time we returned, we look at our photos and tears fill our eyes with happiness at the memory of those wonderful days. In these pictures, we see the beautiful landscape of Italy - where we climbed the mountains, and swam in the sea. Places the children have never been to before, and may never have the chance to travel again.

Thank you for your hard work and effort to make our pilgrimage a wish come true. For most of us who spend every day in the home, this was only a dream, almost impossible! But with all our special experiences of the “Journey of Our Dreams”, one of the greatest joys for us was that the children could, for a while, feel like a completely healthy person. And for this we thank you with all our hearts!

May God bless you all every day! ~ Sr. Agata

The Polish Heritage Festival Inc. (located in Springville, N.Y.) will continue to underwrite the administrative costs of the special fundraisers to benefit the “Special Children with Special Needs” in Brzozow, and also the “Spirit of St. Nicholas” which provides new warm clothing to the children in Jaroslaw.

May we please count on you again? 100% of your donation will go to your designated humanitarian effort. Since the Polish Heritage Festival is a 501c(3) charitable organization, your donation is tax deductible.

Please make your check payable to: The Polish Heritage Festival Charitable Fund, attention: Christine Jozwiak, PO Box 115, Springville, N.Y. 14141-0115. On the memo line of the check write,”Special Children with Special Needs”, and/or “Spirit of St. Nicholas”.

On behalf of the children, thank you for your continued support!
A number of printable forms are available on this site. They require the use of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, Version 4.0 or later, which can be downloaded here.



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